Musician Spotlight: Wonder

Check out ‘Jubilee’:

Great song and interview!

"we'll never be royals."

Her name is Hannah, but you know her as Wonder. Hailing from a part of the West Coast known for vampires, Wonder emerges and presents us with something much, much cooler: Zombies. Okay. Not real Zombies. BUT her single, Zombie, is something to drool (maybe moan? too much?) over because it’s just beautiful.

Hear what Wonder had to say in our Q&A sesh earlier this month, and don’t forget to find her on all social media. Links can be found at the end of the article.


How long have you been performing and playing?

I’ve been a natural performer my entire life. I love making people laugh, and I love being able to touch even deeper than humor by honesty and with music. I started playing guitar in 2009, and began performing locally shortly afterward.

Which instruments do you play & what’s your fave?

I play a little piano and…

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