Luke Britnell – Think Positive

Luke Britnell is a 19-year old singer, songwriter and guitarist from London who recently appeared on the X Factor UK, delivering his original uplifting song ‘Think Positive’ to the X Factor judges and over 9 million viewers. Since the audition he has attracted a large following on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and he is now in the process of recording and releasing his debut EP.

Here is the original music video for ‘Think Positive’ or you can see the X Factor audition by clicking on the link below:

(You can see his great X Factor audition here:

Luke was kind enough to chat to 20GreatSongs and share his inspirations, aspirations and thoughts on the X Factor audition:
First of all, what or who are your musical influences?

They actually vary from a wide range. One day I could be listening to Bruno Mars and be loving it and the next I could be jamming out to some Guns N’ Roses, Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Sam Cooke, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Elvis, I could go on all day. As a whole I try to listen to a lot of different musical styles purposely to open my mind to discovering as much new music as possible.

And where did the inspiration for the song (Think Positive) come from?

Well I initially had wrote this bubbly, happy sounding guitar part and wanted to expand on it by adding some lyrics. My vocal teacher at the time had taken a listen to it and helped me finish writing it. We basically thought about what we wanted the song to be about, eventually coming up with the idea of having a song with a positive message (it was the first song I had worked on and I didn’t want to start writing love songs just yet) we then added the lyrics that would become the verses, and chorus. The ‘Woohoo’s’ were put in as I was recording the original version, basically to fill the gap that had nothing there at the time, as it sounded pretty empty without those added, that was the same case for the ‘Doobedoo’s’.

The song is incredibly catchy – it was definitely a good sign when Gary joined in on the ‘woo hoo’ and started swaying and clicking to the song with the other judges! How did it feel? Have you been approached with any offers to record professionally?

Thanks! It was pretty surreal. Especially after feeling so anxious before the audition, knowing I’m about to go in and perform the song without having a single clue of how the judges would react to it, so to have them singing along was a lovely little surprise. I was also pretty stoked to find out a few people had got in touch with me about recording, but for now the plan is to go in and record an EP full of originals, and then get that on iTunes as soon as possible.

Which was more nerve-wracking, the initial intimate audition for the judges or the live arena audition and why?

Both to their own; the room audition is nerve-wracking as it’s so up close and personal, if you make one little mistake they could spot that from a mile off. The arena audition is nerve-wracking as you are performing to such a large number of people at such a large venue, and if that’s not what you’re used to or have experienced before, it’s pretty daunting. But if I had to choose I’d say the obvious nerve-wracking audition for me would be the arena audition, as you saw, haha.

Coolest gig you have performed so far?

Definitely in Belfast a couple of years ago, so many people turned up and had made signs, bracelets, etc and sung along to every song! That was such a rare, and fun night for me.

What would be your dream gig venue?

The O2 Arena in London. I’ve seen so many different artists perform there and was lucky enough to get a chance to walk on the stage and get a tour of the place on a college trip, always loved the atmosphere in there, dream big!

Is there anyone that you would want to duet with?

Without a doubt, John Mayer or Katy Perry.

What advice would you give to other singer songwriters?

I wouldn’t say I’m in such a position to give advice as I’m always learning so much myself. But I’ve learnt personally is to just write about what you know, and your true emotions. Just be as honest and true to yourself as possible, and believe in what it is you’re doing, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, then who will?

Most unusual situation you have found yourself in?

I had flown to Malta on my own late last year to play a gig on new years eve. Unfortunately for some reason the gig got cancelled and I was stuck in Malta for new years, so someone who lived there had arranged for me to go out with some of his friends that night. I ended up spending 2012 new years partying with three maltese guys who I had met literally that night. Pretty crazy, they were a right laugh.

What are you working on at the moment?

My main focus at the moment is to get my EP recorded and up on iTunes as soon as possible. I’m so excited to finally have something to show for all the incredible support and following I’ve gained since the X Factor. I’ll still be uploading tons of covers on YouTube and playing loads of gigs.

You can check Luke out on TwitterFacebook or his YouTube channel.

And what would your 20 Great Songs list be?

This is a tough one, I’ll probably end up kicking myself later on remembering songs I haven’t put in this list. In no particular order:

  1. Zac Brown Band – Keep Me In Mind
  2. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
  3. Guns N’ Roses – Nightrain
  4. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love
  5. Eric Clapton – Change The World
  6. Foo Fighters – Best Of You
  7. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
  8. John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – Live at the Nokia Theatre
  9. John Mayer – Free Fallin’ – Live at the Nokia Theatre
  10. Aerosmith – Same Old Song And Dance
  11. Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator – Single Version
  12. Karaoke Library – Only You Can Love Me This Way (Full Vocal Version) [In the Style of Keith Urban]
  13. Bruce Springsteen – Pay Me My Money Down
  14. David Ryan Harris – For You
  15. Des’ree – Crazy Maze
  16. John Lennon – Imagine
  17. Toto – Africa
  18. Train – Drops of Jupiter
  19. 2Pac – Changes – 1998 Greatest Hits (Explicit)
  20. Kanye West – Clique

Spotify playlist here: Luke Britnell’s 20 Great Songs

Or if you’re already logged into Spotify, you can listen to the full playlist below!


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